4-H Project

4-H offers a unique educational method known as ‘project based learning’. 4-H members can develop 4-H ideals and foster the
spirit of the 4-H Association by carrying out their own projects in 4-H Clubs.

4-H projects are usually related to improvement targets in which the members can learn through observation or experience.
As such, project activities serve as practical learning processes that encourage the identification of problems and the utilization of problem solving skills in one’s everyday life.

Group Projects :
Group projects are accomplished through the cooperation of more than two group members.
Ex : Joint practice of farming set-aside lands, exploring traditional culture, nature conservation activities, etc.

Individual Projects :
ex) Raising crops and pets, computer science activities, home economics, etc.

Education & Training Programs

Various 4-H education and training programs are designed to promote the learning of new life skills among member through
peer group learning and activities, as well as to encourage cooperation, endurance, and positive thinking.
Also, the programs serve as learning experiences intended to nurture the kind of sound, democratic mind integral to any citizen
of society.

Competition & Fair Festival :
During this event, 4-H members exhibit their projects accomplishments in the form of a competition. The purpose of this event is
to provide the members with an opportunity to compare and evaluate each other’s accomplishments from a more comprehensive and broad viewpoint.

Outdoor Activities :
Through outdoor training experiences in the natural environment, 4-H members develop their social skills and a positiveattitude, as well as the spirit of cooperation and service.

Educational Event of the Month of the Youth :
In May, ‘the month of the youth’, is celebrated with various events. These events are designed to increase harmony and
morale among members and include activities that foster filial piety such as: the Father’s and Teacher’s day events, mountain
climbing, sightseeing, writing competitions, and sports festivals.

Study trips within Korea and abroad :
These programs are intended for 4-H members to acquire advanced agricultural skills, new cultural experiences, and a greater
international understanding in the advent of globalization.

Urban-Rural Youth Exchange :
Rural youth explore the various aspects of a major consumer of agricultural products; the city. Urban youth get a chance to
experience rural life and an understanding that rural areas not only provide us with food, but a peaceful state of mind as well.

Membership Meeting & Ritual Event

One of the goals of 4-H is to nurture its members into sound supporters of democracy. Members are encouraged to be accustomed to group meetings and democratic procedures. 4-H members learn to practice self control, as well as democratic principles by participating in group meetings.

Membership Meetings :
These include an Annual General Assembly, monthly meetings, a ceremony for new members, etc.

Ritual Camp Fire Event :
This ritual event helps keep the memory of the 4-H ideas, spirit, and resolution fresh in the members’ minds as they watch the light of the fire illuminate the darkness.

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