Understanding of the 4-H Movement and its Activities

4-H stands for these four ideals: Head (Knowledge & Intellect), Heart (Loyalty & Virtue), Hands (Service & Work), and Health
(Soundness & Health). The Korean words for these terms are: chi[지(智)], dok[덕(德)], no[노(勞)] and che[체(體)].

4-H is a social education movement which helps to inspire the youth of Korea to be agriculturally minded, as well as to become
well rounded individuals by living by the 4-H club ideals of Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.

Unlike other youth organizations, 4-H focuses on the values of agriculture, environment, and life. It also serves to promote the
training of young farmers. While other youth education organizations generally focus on the ideals of Head, Heart, and Health,
4-H encourages one more ideal: Hands. 4-H promotes the ideal of Hands by initiating activities that place an emphasis on field
studies and carrying out 4-H projects.

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