The 1st 4-H Global Leadership Camp 2019 Jeju, Korea
& The 10th Asia IFYE Conference
23rd~28th. Sept. 2019


  • 4-H is an international community as well as global movement encompassing members from more than 70 countries around the world. Korea 4-H Association successfully hosted the 1st Global 4-H Summit in 2014 and the 2nd global summit was also successfully held in Canada in 2017.
  • Our society, meanwhile, is fast changing and our future leaders need to adjust themselves to the fast changing pace of the world. It is our responsibility to provide our future leaders more opportunities to broaden their eyes, to interact with others and to build up leadership skills and global mindset. Korea 4-H Association, thus, decided to host ‘International 4-H Youth camp’.
  • At the sideline of the 1st 4-H Global Leadership Camp, the 10th Asia IFYE conference will also take place during the Camp week. We, thus, aim at sharing our visions and goals at the 4-H Family Festival event(Vision declaration ceremony), and celebrate what we have accomplished so far.

Theme and Objective

  • The leadership camp will be held under the theme of “°Global Youth, Challenge the Future! Step Forward and Move together!”
  • The goal of the leadership camp 2019 is to bring together 200 youth from over 20 different countries around the world for a week of learning, cultural exchange and fellowship. The aim is to raise social awareness on various global issues, share vision, ideas and experiences. We, thus, aim at nurturing youth leaders suited for the future needs.
  • The 10th Asia IFYE conference will strengthen friendship; broaden global mindset and vision for the future.

Expected outcome

  • Global 4-H youth members will build up international network and will be able to perform leadership roles
  • 4-H youth members will build up global mindset and leadership skills through multi-cultural activities and exchange programs.
  • Asia IFYE and Asia 4-H members will strengthen their friendship ties and seek mutual development.


  • Title: The 1st 4-H Global Leadership Camp 2019 Jeju, Korea
  • Theme: “Global Youth, Challenge the Future! Step Forward and Move together!”
  • Period: 23rd (Mon) ~ 28th(Sat). Sept. 2019 / total 6 days
    * Opening ceremony to be held on 23rd (Mon), Sept. 19:00~20:00
  • Venue: Miterre Youth Hostel and various sites in Jeju island (prospective)
    Website : http://www.miterrehotel.com
  • Participants(expected number): Global- 150 persons around the world (30 countries)
    Korea- 100 persons for 4-H global leadership camp, 3,000 persons for 4-H Family Festival
  • Hosted by: Global 4-H Network
  • Organized by: Korea 4-H Association, Korea 4-H Young Farmers Club, Korea IFYE Association
  • Sponsored by: Rural Development Administration, Jeju-Island
  • Official Language: English

Major Goals

Global 4-H Youth Leadership Development Asia IFYE Conference & 4-H Family Festival Global 4-H Youth Network
  • Sharing ideas and opinionson global issues such as food security, climate change, poverty, 4th industrial revolution, etc.
  • Leadership capacity building in the digital era
  • Sharing of 4-H youth experiences, goals and visions for the future
  • Co-hosting of Asia IFYE conference during the camp week
  • Facilitating IFYE programs for the youth
  • Case studies on exemplary IFYE activities
  • Experiencing beauty of Jeju Island
  • Understanding 4-H activities via 4-H Family Festival
  • Seeking and performing of leadership roles within global 4-H network
  • Creation of global 4-H youth network
  • Understanding history of Korea 4-H
  • Understanding history of global 4-H movement
  • Case studies on exemplary 4-H youth activities


Continent Countries
Asia, Oceania
(15 countries)
Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Nepal, Mongolia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Cambodia, China, Bhutan, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
(25 countries)
Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, England, Latvia, Belgium, Croatia, Czech, Wales, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Netherland, Poland, Rumania, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Kosovo, etc.
Northern America
(2 countries)
Canada, U.S
Latin America
(13 countries)
Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Dominica Republic, Grenada, Tobago, Argentina, Nicaragua, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil, etc.
Africa s
(15 countries)
Gambia, Cameroon, Egypt, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Namibia, Malawi, Liberia, Kenya, Ghana, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Ethiopia, etc
Total 70 countries

Maximum number of participants per country

  • 10 persons per country
    * Please contact Korea 4-H association in case number of participants per country exceeds 10 persons.
  • For Asia IFYE conference participants, max. 25 persons per country

Qualifications for delegates

  • Maximum 3 persons for 4-H representatives (counseling leaders): those with counseling and leadership capabilities
  • More than 7 persons for 4-H youth (16~39 years old) : Registered 4-H youth members with leadership and good reputation
  • Participation Fee: $650 per person. 20% discount ($520) for early application (until the end of March)
    * No participation fee for African participants
# Wire Transfer Information
Please pay both Bank Fees(Sender Fee & Receiver Fee)
Wire Transfer Information
Korea 4-H USD Account(for participant fee, etc.)
Name of Bank : NONGHYUP BANK
Bank Address : 14, Dongnam-ro 71-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Account Number : 452-0004-1456-31
Check Payment
05269 Korea 4-H Center, 31, Dongnamro 73-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Round-trip Airfare and arrival
    * Costs for round-trip airfare need to be covered by individual countries. Participants need to arrive and depart on time.
    * Arrival to Jeju International Airport: before 12:00 (at noon) on Sept. 23rd
    * Departure: After 12:00 on Sept. 28th.

Application procedure

General Information

  • 1) The participation fee covers all expenses required to participate in the Camp.
  • 2) Official language : English.
  • 3) Any country planning to send additional participants should send an email to the Korea 4-H Association first to ask for approval.
  • 4) Visa issuance should be processed by individual participant.
    (1) Submit the list of participants to Korea 4-H.
    (2) Korea 4-H will review the list of participant and issue the official invitation letter to the participant (via email or post) - Receiving an invitation will generally take 4 day up to 2 weeks.
    (3) Participant will apply for a visa –Each country has their own policy to issue the visa. So please contact the Korean Embassy in advance.
    (4) Korea 4-H will send an official notice of cooperation to the Korean embassies located in participating countries.
    (5) Visa issuance should be completed at least a month before the Camp, September 23, 2019.
  • 5) Every participant is responsible for his/her own insurance.
  • 6) Every participant should agree with the objectives of this camp and follow meeting principles of the Camp and follow the schedule of the Camp.
  • 7) Details on optional activities, accommodation, airport pickup, etc. will be updated and informed via email after the number of participants is confirmed.
  • 8) Basically 4 participants are going to share a room in the youth hostel. But, if some participants want to bring their own tent, they can put up the tent in the ground and stay overnight during the camp. All meals will be served during the camp.
  • 9) Korea 4-H Associaitoncan only provide your accommodation and meal from a day before the Camp (Sep. 22, Dinner) until the end of it (Sep. 28, Breakfast). Any other expenses; transportation costs and accommodation fees before and after camp should be self-funding.

Tentative Itinerary

※ Arrival in Jeju airport for foreign participants: by 12:00 pm (noon) 23rd of Sept. (Monday)

Tentative Detailed Itinerary

During the 1st4-H Global Leadership Camp 2019 Jeju, 4-H youth participants from all around the world will come together to share their dream, vision and passion. At the same time, they will share ideas on current global issues such as poverty, climate change and youth training and etc. The youth members will voluntarily share their ideas and come up with “2019 Global Youth 4-H Jeju Declaration”. By doing so, 4-H youth members will commit themselves to the betterment of our society and motivate themselves to be the global leaders.

DAY 1 (23rd. Sept)-Monday : Arrival

(Arrival) Airport pickup (Full-day)
- Registration for foreign delegates
- Camping site decoration (safe and unique!)
* Tent making and info on accommodation
(Meeting for representatives) introducing on full itinerary (18:00~19:00)
- 1 person(leader) per country needs to participate in the meeting
(Opening Ceremony) welcoming reception (19:00~21:00)
- Opening performance, opening remarks, welcoming remarks, congratulatory remarks, recreation activities, etc.

DAY 2 (24th. Sept)-Tuesday : Friendship-building

(Conference) Assembly, Orientation and team-building (09:00~12:00)
- Greetings and election of leader per group (10 persons per group)
(Leadership Talk Concert) Youth leadership talk concert (13:30~17:00)
- Lecture on leadership, Case studies (presentation made by selected special guests from each country)
(Asia IFYE Conference) meetings and presentations (10:00~17:00)
- Participating IFYE countries: Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, etc.
(Group Leader Meeting) Schedule and assignments sharing
- facilitating group meetings and activities, fostering teambuilding
(Global Youth Workshop) Leadership experience sharing, presentation made by global youth 4-H members
- Sharing of youth 4-h activities of each country, leadership experience sharing, capacity building

DAY 3 (25th. Sept)-Wednesday : Challenge yourself

(Optional) Activity - Oriented Group Mission (09:00~16:00)
- Activities per group 1. Tracking : Mt. Climbing(Halla Mt.), Jeju olle tracking- 16 courses 2. Nature Exploration : Sae-byul orum, Gunsan orum 3. Biking : Jeju miraculous biking – 2 courses 4. Riverside activity : SUP paddleboard 5. Horse riding 6. Cart racing 7. Kayak
(Harmony) Cultural show (20:00~23:00)
- Cultural show presented by each country, seeking harmony and solidarity

DAY 4 (26th. Sept)-Thursday : Growth

(Field trip) Cultural excursion, visiting exemplary farms (09:00~12:00)
- Enjoying the beauty of Jeju island, sightseeing in Jeju
(Global 4-H activity exhibition Show) 4-H country activity Expo (13:30~15:00)
- Country 4-H activity exhibition, agriculture & cultural showcase
- Korea : Exemplary agri-product exhibition & 4-H history archive, etc.
(Event) Global 4-H Family Festival (15:00~17:00)
- Korea 4-H Family Festival Event
- Venue : (Yet to be confirmed)
- Contents : Opening ceremony, performances, adoption of declaration, firework festival, etc.
- Adoption of “°2019 Global Youth 4-H Jeju Declaration”±
- Expected number of attendees: 3,000 persons including 4-H members and leaders
(Event) Global 4-H Family Music Festival (19:00~22:00)
- Music festival with 4-H members and invited singers
- Firework and other activities

DAY 5 (27th. Sept)-Friday : Learning

(Seminar) Global 4-H policy discussion seminar (09:00~12:00)
- Experts’ discussions on Food security, poverty, wealth polarization, climate change, Youth development and sharing of relevant best practices.
(Field trip) Visiting exemplary farms (13:30~17:00)
- On-site training at exemplary farms in Jeju
(Event) Night of Harmony, Farewell party (20:00~22:00)
- Sharing of experiences and learnings, ideas about Global leadership Camp (adoption of Global Youth declaration)
- Farewell remark, congratulatory remark, Candle-lighting ceremony, dance party

DAY 6 (27th. Sept)-Saturday : Departure

(Departure) Sending off to the airport (Full-day)
- Closing and cleaning
- Sending off to the airport (for foreign delegates)
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