HEAD : Knowledge, Reasoning and Creativity Development

Thinking : This ideal encourages young people to use their minds to form ideas and make decisions. To carefully examine
all of their options and to consider all possibilities.
Management : This ideal teaches our members to use resources to accomplish goals.

HEART : Personal/Social Development

Relating : This ideal is important for establishing a mutual, wholesome, and meaningful connection between two people.
Caring : 4-H teaches its members to care for others. To show understanding, kindness, concern, and affection to others

HANDS : Vocational/Citizenship Development

Giving : This ideal urges young people to provide and supply for others. It also encourages its members to take on social
responsibility by working to cause change to happen.
Working : This ideal teaches members to work to accomplish their goals, earn a living, and to support themselves through
physical and mental effort.

HEALTH : Health/Physical Development

Living : This ideal teaches members to conduct their daily lives in a respectable and honorable manner.
Being : This ideal helps one’s personal development by teaching members to live one’s life in concordance with their basic

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