Leveraging the Global 4-H Asset to Transform Agriculture

Worldwide, 4-H programs have taken root in more than 70 countries in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa over the last 100
years. Exchanges, country to country partnership, and regional networks are active. But as a world-wide system or
movement, the power of the 4-H model is largely untapped.

Recently many countries have received requests and encouragement to explore an alliance of 4-H programs, partners, and
individuals who want to share 4-H models, resources and ideas with others. 4-H uniquely positioned to prepare the world’s
young people to meet urgent global needs, including hunger, sustainable livelihoods and food security.

In response to world demand, Korea 4-H Association and National 4-H Council USA are planning to organize the Global 4-H
Network. Therefore the two parties signed on Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) on 4-H Collaboration January this year.
Both agreed to collaborate on three visions ? 1) sustainable agricultural livelihoods for youth and their families 2) positive
youth development 3) global innovative partnership.

Korea 4-H Association in Asia, Finnish 4-H in Europe, Tanzania 4-H in Africa, and National 4-H Council USA in America will
serve a role in establishing regional 4-H network.

As a first step for the Global 4-H Network, “the 4-H Executive Leaders Conference” to invite about 15 Asian emerging countries will be held in Korea in December this year. Korea will also host Asia 4-H Network Conference in September in 2012. In
addition, Korea has the plan to host “Global 4-H Network Conference” in cooperation with National 4-H Council USA in 2013.

In advance of this global 4-H network plan, “International 4-H Specialist Conference” hosted by Korea in 2007 became a good
experience to help build an international network that supports the cooperation of each 4-H organizations around the world to
enhance the upbringing of the next generation.

By establishing the Asia 4-H Network and the Global 4-H Network, 4-H will work with innovative public and private partners to
nurture sustainable livelihoods for youth and their families, through new enterprise-driven agro-economic youth development
on a global scale. Unlike any other program or partnership in the world, the Asia 4-H Network is the intersection of agricultural
livelihoods, positive youth development and innovative partnerships.

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